Trust in Blind Faith

Multi-channel sound and video installation


Trust in Blind Faith is a video performance about walking through life on a fixed path and doing so without choosing to see any perspective other than the personal, isolated world or, in other words – a certain subjective reality. The blindfold has been a surface; the belief itself lies somewhere deeper.

Trust in Blind Faith is an ongoing project started in 2015 and filmed at various popular tourist attractions.


„Here lies the origin of the late-modern form of tragedy: at the threshold where illusion is mistaken for reality, and identities are perceived as authentic forms of belonging. It is often accompanied by a desperate lack of irony, as humans respond to today’s state of permanent deterritorialization by enacting their craving for belonging through a chain of acts of murder, suicide, fanaticism, aggression, war.“

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi