Len Murusalu

Visual Artist and Filmmaker

Len Murusalu is a visual artist, filmmaker, artists’ film curator and researcher. Her interdisciplinary work explores questions around the interpretation of history, memory, language, and time perception – integral parts forming a sense of belonging – using moving image, video performance, photography, sound, text, installation and painting. Some of her projects were started over 15 years ago and will be life-long.

In my artistic practice, I explore questions around the interpretation of memory and identity – more specifically, time and our perception of it, maps and borders, dormant languages, and fading cultures. One of my goals is to make complex or forgotten topics more accessible and relatable.

I see myself as a North-Eastern European artist having roots in the indigenous Võro culture of Southern Estonia. With that comes my interest in minority languages, Finnic mythology, and forgotten or neglected history. I’ve always been eager to discover universal aspects and connections between different cultures and our commonly shared biosphere.

Despite life’s perishable nature, I want to emphasise the existence of hope – that seemingly inevitable processes can be affected by our choices.